The Dream

The night grows quite as he lays under the heavy down comforter, the only sound filling the empty room is the sound of  the rain gently hitting the windows. As the rain slows down to a light trickle, the sound takes him into a deep sleep, with every breathe the room gets colder. “Bnenjiman!” The man jolts up right, the sun shinning through the windows blinds hims. He raises his hand to block out the warm light from his eyes as they adjust. “Benjiamn” says a calm cool voice from the bathroom, he looks around the room in utter confusion. His soaking wet clothes are gone from the chair, he rushes out of bed and walks cautiously to the bathroom door. The door is cracked and a sweet smell of coffee penetrates his nose, as he takes a deep breathe in and slowly places his right hand on the door and pushes it open. More sunlight bashes his face raising his hand to block out the blinding light he looks around to see a wall to wall white marble bathroom, something straight out of a palace. He steps in to see a claw-foot tub in the back corner of the bathroom with a man sitting facing the south windows. “Good morning handsome” the man softly exhales as he puts a cup of coffee down on the table next to the tub. Benjiman slowly walks towards the man in the tub, he lowers his hand and see a thin young man with sandy blonde hair down to his ears soaking in a bubble bath. Tears begin to form in his eyes as he rushes to the tub and pulls the man around, “Babe!” the man exclaims “are you okay?”

Benjiman falls to his knees next to the tub with his hands around this mans smooth, sharp stunning face. “How…How can this be?” With tears now slowly falling down his face he chokes out. “How can what be? What’s wrong?” the man now worried turns to him and grabs Benjimans right arm. With grate hast Benjiman pulls him close and kisses him deep, the sunlight beaming on their faces. Benjiman continues to kiss the man as he pulls him out of the tub and pulls him close to his bare chest, water now dripping all over him and the marble floor. The man wraps his arms around his neck and returns the passion as he wraps his legs around his waist. Soapy water slides down the mans tight chest, over his thighs and onto Benjimans now soaking wet trunks. The man pulls back and stares into his eyes “Well good morning to you too baby” he says with a smile. Benjiman stands in awe slowly taking in every aspect from his blonde hair falling just over his crystal clear blue eyes, bluer than the waters in bora-bora. To the thin smile showing off a perfect set of pearly white teeth, he pulls the man deep into his chest.

As they stand in the embrace the man whispers “Why don’t you join me” and gently bites his right earlobe, this send a sensational chill down his spine. Benjiman immediately puts the man back down into the warm tub and rips off his trunks. “Wait” the man in the tub says as he comes close to the edge, “Move to the right” Benjiman takes a step to the right, standing there bearing all. “Perfection” the man exhales “How can this be” Benjiman thinks and he rushes into the tub making the man laugh. He grabs the man and pulls him on top with his back against the tub. Water splashes over on all sides, they both look around and giggle “You’re making a mess for Alfred!”  says the man as he sits on Benjiman lap. “I don’t care” he replies as he pulls the man down into a deep passionate kiss, the feeling of his soft lips pressed against his send an electrical rush down his body.

Their tongues begin to intertwine as they hold each other in a deep grasp. Benjiman runs his right hand softly over his upper back, down to this perfectly shaped bubble of an ass and takes a handful. “mmmm” the man moans into his mouth and he slowly grinds his ass against Benjiman’s now throbbing hard cock. “looks like someone is happy to see me this morning” the man says with a devilish smile. Benjiman immediately sits up as he pulls the man up and closer to him with one arm, giving him room to slip a finger into his smooth ass. the man gasps and bites his lip, arching his back, the soapy water making him shimmer in the warm light. Benjiman slowly plays with the mans tight hole, he looks down into Benjiman’s eyes grabbing his face he pulls him in for a deep kiss. The man begins to ride his finger, water now overflowing through out the entire bathroom. Moaning with pleasure Benjiman picks him up and gets out of the tub, with legs wrapped around his waist the man begins to laugh as he is carried off into the bedroom.

Benjiman places the man down on the edge of the king size bed and falls to his knees, water still dripping everywhere. He grabs the mans legs and throws them over his shoulders, pulling the man to his face he begins to kiss just below the taint. The man white knuckling the bed sheets forces Benjiman in closer with his legs now wrapped around his neck. Benjiman begins to kiss down to his perfectly pink hole, slowly slipping his tongue deep into the tight hole the man moans in ecstasy. “Fuck baby, please, please don’t stop!” he moans as he grabs a pillow to bite. Benjiman continues to play with the mans hole, licking the edges in a soft circular motion before fully going in once more. He reaches around to grab the mans now throbbing cock and begins to slowly stoke his cock as he eats him out. The man begins to squirm and moan through the pillow before finally pulling him up and forcefully makes out with him.

The man tosses him onto his back and sits on top of him. Smiling down on Benjiman he pulls his arms above his head and holds them there with one hand. With his free hand he spits into it and reaches back to rub it along Benjimans long throbbing cock. Benjiman smiles and bites his lip as he feels the mans perfectly pink hole rub against his head. He rolls his eyes back as the man slowly lowers himself onto his throbbing cock. The man lets go of his arms and now has both hands on Benimans chest, as he slides down onto his pulsating cock pure pleasure moans from his mouth. “Fucking Hell Oliver, your ass feels amazing” Benjiman exhales as he grabs Oliver’s waist. As Oliver has Benjimans cock fully in him, he sits on his lap. Benjiman pulls the man deep onto him, looking into his beautiful blue eyes slowly rolling back with his mouth open gasping for air. Time freezes, in this moment all either one can feel is pure love and passion. “DING” echos throughout the room, “DING” again and again and again.

Benjiman opens his eyes to find himself alone in bed. Staring at the tapestry on the ceiling above the bed tears flow like a water fall from his eyes. “He was right here” he thinks to himself as he sits up, tears now flowing down his chest. He looks around in a desperate attempt to find evidence that it was real. Only to be greeted by an empty, dusty cold, dimly lit master suite. He throws the covers off of himself, naked he runs from the bed across the room to the bathroom to find the door locked. “Oliver!” he screams beating on the door repeatedly, only hearing an empty echo on the other side. He turns his back to the door and falls to the floor, his head falls into his hands and begins to cry uncontrollably. “Ding” rings through out again, he looks around the room to find the source. “DING” again echos through his head, he gets up and grabs his pants putting them on as he walks to the door to the hallway he hears someone coming and stops. “Mr. Bentley, it’s time to wake up sir” Alfred says while knocking on the door. “uh..uh..” he stumbled trying to clear the frog from his throat”Thank you Alfred I will be right down once I am dressed” whipping the tears from his face and chest. “Very well sir” said Alfred as he walked back down the hall and down the stairs.

He turned around to give the room another visual sweep, looking, looking for any sign that it wasn’t a dream. He couldn’t see anything. As tears began to form once more he wiped them away and let the room. But there, on the floor at the end of the bed. A single drop of water was over looked. A shimmer of light came from the locked bathroom door and rested upon the bed as he walked down the hall.